Cat Ruska has seven lives - we’ve proved it!

When we needed to shoot for the website, we couldn’t reject our friends’ from “VOSTOKPHOTOS” proposal to host them at their home. What could be better than working together in a cozy studio? Kolya Rykov, the founder of “VOSTOK”, had everything we could need to transform our ideas into action. Kolya figured out how to shoot rotation: a disk called "Health" was bought (this is the one our mothers used while doing gymnastics), one of us was rotating it while the other, frozen, was posing. By the way, that was not so easy for both of us.

During the breaks Yana, the hostess of the studio, prepared us really nice tea and gave us some sweets. The culmination of the day was a close acquaintance of the KRIKDESIGN team with the kindest cat Rusya. You can see her clones in our group photo in the "About Us" section. Rusya will be our talisman for the next years. Meow!